Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 19



Westwood, J.D.,
Haluck, R.S.,
Robb, R.A.,
Vosburgh, K.G.,
Westwood, S.W.,
Senger, S.,
Felländer-Tsai, L.

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A physician who is treating a patient confronts a complex and incompletely understood living system that is sensitive to pain. An engineer or programmer who develops a new device, on the other hand, operates within the less emotional domains of materials and mathematics. The Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR) conference brings together physicians, scientists, engineers, educators, students, and others to bridge the gap between clinicians and technologists, and to create collaborative solutions to healthcare challenges.

This book presents the proceedings of the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality conference (MMVR19), held in Newport Beach, California, USA, in February 2012. It includes papers on modeling and simulation, imaging, data visualization and fusion, haptics, robotics, telemedicine and medical intelligence networking, virtual and augmented reality, psychotherapy and physical rehabilitation tools, serious games, and other topics.

MMVR stimulates interaction between developers and end users and promotes unorthodox problem-solving as a complement to rigorous scientific methodology. This book will interest all who are involved with the future of medicine.

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