Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 17

NextMed: Design for the Well Being


Westwood, J.D.,
Haluck, R.S.,
Hoffman, H.M.,
Robb, R.A.,
Mogel, G.T.,
Phillips, R.,
Vosburgh, K.G.,
Westwood, S.W.

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The 17th annual Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR17) was held January 19-22, 2009, in Long Beach, CA, USA. The conference is well established as a forum for emerging data-centered technologies for medical care and education. Each year, it brings together an international community of computer scientists and engineers, physicians and surgeons, medical educators and students, military medicine specialists and biomedical futurists. MMVR emphasizes inter-disciplinary collaboration in the development of more efficient and effective physician training and patient care.

The MMVR17 proceedings collect 108 papers by conference lecture and poster presenters. These papers cover recent developments in biomedical simulation and modeling, visualization and data fusion, haptics, robotics, sensors and other related information-based technologies. Key applications include medical education and surgical training, clinical diagnosis and therapy, physical rehabilitation, psychological assessment, telemedicine and more.

From initial vision and prototypes, through assessment and validation, to clinical and academic utilization and commercialization - MMVR explores the state-of-the-art and looks toward healthcare’s future. The proceedings volume will interest physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals interested in emerging and future tools for diagnosis and therapy; educators responsible for training the next generation of doctors and scientists; IT and medical device engineers creating state-of-the-art and next-generation simulation, imaging, robotics and communication systems; data technologists creating systems for gathering, processing and distributing medical intelligence; military medicine specialists addressing the challenges of warfare and defense health needs; and biomedical futurists and investors who want to understand where the field is headed.

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