Medicine Meets Engineering

Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Applied Biomechanics Regensburg


Nerlich, M.,
Hammer, J.,
Dendorfer, S.

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Biomedical Engineering is defined as the science that integrates medical and engineering sciences to improve diagnosis and treatment of patients. Only by this integration progress can be achieved. Both medical and engineering sciences comprise a huge diversity in topics, so it is imaginable that Biomedical Engineering, combining these two science areas, is even more huge. Thanks to this megadisciplinary approach many breakthroughs can be achieved. More and more research groups realize this and start new research projects, which results in a rapid increase in knowledge in Biomedical Engineering. This will only benefit the main goal of Biomedical Engineering; improving diagnosis and treatment of patients when it is spread and applied. The 2nd Regensburg Applied Biomechanics conference is special in that it realized both the distribution of new knowledge and the essential integration of medical and engineering specialists. The conference dealt with the latest results in applied biomechanics, ranging from fundamental bone strength properties via bone remodeling phenomena to new implants that replace lost human functions. Also new research areas like robot surgery and tissue engineering were discussed.

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