Medical Response to Terror Threats


Richman, A.,
Shapira, S.C.,
Sharan, Y.

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We do not automatically associate the practice of medicine with al-Qaeda or weapons of mass destruction, yet medical practitioners increasingly play their part in the war against terrorism. Called to risk their own lives in order to help others, they are always among those first responders who must overcome their natural instinct to get away, and instead, rush to the scene of any fresh terror attack to offer what aid they can to the victims. The successful medical response to terror threats requires regular training and accurate information. This book is one product of the NATO workshop ‘Terror Medicine’, held in Jerusalem in 2008. The twelve chapters were written by the subject matter experts who led this workshop and topics covered include: assessment of medical threats in various types of terrorist attack, the special medical threat of suicide bombings, the unique epidemiology of terrorist attacks, management of terror related mass casualty events (MCE), analysis of case studies and best practices as well as lessons learned and standard operating protocol (SOP) expertise. Reflecting multiple lifetimes’ worth of experience and research and providing expert analysis to the professionals who must respond to the hazards, threats and injuries caused by terrorism, this book is an important addition to the resources of those who continue to fight global terrorism with their medical skills, as well as being of interest to all who support them in that fight.

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