Marketing for Sustainability

Towards Transactional Policy-Making


Bartels, G.C.,
Nelissen, W.J.A.

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This book deals with the marketing and communication of government institutions, non-profit organisations and profit organisations that take up the challenge of sustainable development. Practice goes together with theory and empirical research. Every chapter deals with a particular topic in the field of marketing and (mass) communication and, all together, the chapters give a good overview of marketing and communication knowledge and strategies directed at influencing sustainable consumption in all parts of the world, not only in the Western world. Practitioners can use these insights to develop communication strategies and students can learn from the experiences described in this book. Most of the chapters are based on research and current empirical and theoretical knowledge available in the social sciences. This book is divided in five parts: policy development; mass media campaign; information processing; behaviour change and social developments: risks, trends and youth.