Logic, Data and Wisdom

To Andrzej Skowron on his 70th Birthday


Ślęzak, D. ,
Nguyen, H.S. ,
Szczuka, M.

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The scientific journal Fundamenta Informaticae has become a respected venue for the presentation of original results in all areas of theoretical computer science. This book presents thirty six invited papers, previously published in a special edition of the journal compiled to celebrate the 70th birthday of Andrzej Skowron, an eminent computer scientist who served as the Editor-in-Chief of Fundamenta Informaticae from 1994 till 2009.

The articles that make up this volume cover a wide range of topics. They reflect Andrzej Skowron’s activities as a researcher and a scholar as well as his influence on a broad scientific community. The papers have been arranged into four thematic groups. The first group corresponds to some of Andrzej Skowron’s recent and past research. It includes papers covering such areas as: foundations of rough sets, logical aspects of both rough and related models of computation, foundational issues relating to logical aspects of non-classical computational systems, formal and computational aspects of inference systems, and nature-inspired computational systems. The papers in the second group describe research results associated with discovering, representing and making use of knowledge learned from data. The third group contains papers that explore the fundamentals and applications of the granular approach to knowledge-based systems, as well as investigations into underlying notions of closeness, similarity and nearness. The fourth and final group contains papers covering a wider, more general range of topics, including data processing, database technology, search techniques, data and knowledge representation as well as various aspects of data mining.

This book will be of interest to all those researchers and practitioners who follow recent developments in the field of computer science and its applications.