Legal Knowledge and Information Systems

JURIX 2013: The Twenty-Sixth Annual Conference


Ashley, K.D.

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In the same way that it has become part of all our lives, computer technology is now integral to the work of the legal profession. The JURIX Foundation has been organizing annual international conferences in the area of computer science and law since 1988, and continues to support cutting-edge research and applications at the interface between law and computer technology.

This book contains the 16 full papers and 6 short papers presented at the 26th International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems (JURIX 2013), held in December 2013 in Bologna, Italy. The papers cover a wide range of research topics and application areas concerning the advanced management of legal information and knowledge, including computational techniques for: classifying and extracting information from, and detecting conflicts in, regulatory texts; modeling legal argumentation and representing case narratives; improving the retrieval of legal information and extracting information from legal case texts; conducting e-discovery; and, applications involving intellectual property and IP licensing, online dispute resolution, delivering legal aid to the public and organizing the administration of local law and regulations.

The book will be of interest to all those associated with the legal profession whose work involves the use of computer technology.

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