Laser-Plasma Acceleration


Ferroni, F.,
Gizzi, L.A.,
Faccini, R.

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Impressive progress has been made in the field of laser-plasma acceleration in the last decade, with outstanding achievements from both experimental and theoretical viewpoints. Closely exploiting the development of ultra-intense, ultrashort pulse lasers, laser-plasma acceleration has developed rapidly, achieving accelerating gradients of the order of tens of GeV/m, and making the prospect of miniature accelerators a more realistic possibility.

This book presents the lectures delivered at the Enrico Fermi International School of Physics and summer school: 'Laser-Plasma Acceleration' , held in Varenna, Italy, in June 2011. The school provided an opportunity for young scientists to experience the best from the worlds of laser-plasma and accelerator physics, with intensive training and hands-on opportunities related to key aspects of laser-plasma acceleration. Subjects covered include: the secrets of lasers; the power of numerical simulations; beam dynamics; and the elusive world of laboratory plasmas. The objective of the school was to establish a common knowledge base for the future laser-plasma accelerator community.

These published proceedings aim to provide a wider community with a reference covering a wide range of topics, knowledge of which will be necessary to future research on laser-plasma acceleration. The book also provides references to selected existing literature for further reading.

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