Large-Scale Victimisation as a Potential Source of Terrorist Activities

Importance of Regaining Security in Post-Conflict Societies


Ewald, U.,
Turković, K.

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This publication presents a subject that is, unfortunately, as significant today as it was two years ago. Sadly, this continuing relevance seems to confirm the views of the German radical pacifist Kurt Tucholsky, who stated in response to the atrocities and sufferings of WWI: “But men never ever learnt from history, and they will not do so in the future. Hic Rhodus!” Recent events in Iraq, the Middle East, East Timor or the Democratic Republic of Congo, and possible links regarding issues of terrorism, raise the question what criminological and victimological research offers in assisting to break vicious spirals of ignorance of gross human rights violations and the immense human sufferings in the context of armed conflicts and terrorism. The answer to this question still remains open. Yet, this publication confirms the substantial willingness to ‘learn’ from the past by critically reviewing large-scale victimisation arising out of protracted conflicts in order to better understanding the necessary prerequisites for enduring peace-making in post-conflict societies and to anticipate and suggest approaches to healing victimising effects.