Large Scale Projects in eHealth

Partnership in Modernization


Engelbrecht, R.,
Blobel, B.,
Shifrin, M.A.

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The efficient and effective delivery of healthcare requires accurate and relevant methodologies; eHealth projects contribute to the success and sustainability of tomorrow's healthcare systems. EFMI Special Topic Conferences (STC) provide a forum for discussing achievements and experiences on specific topics in medical informatics.

This book presents the proceedings of the EFMI STC 2012, held in Moscow, Russia, in April 2012. The theme of this STC is the implementation experience of large scale eHealth projects. These large scale projects can be described by size, effects, complexity, duration etc. and are generally accompanied by small and dedicated initiatives and solutions. The conference highlights large-scale projects supporting the use of information and communication technology at national, regional, and especially at international level, and aims to identify requirements for national and regional solutions in medical informatics and health information management.

Large Scale Projects in eHealth provides insight into the use of information and communication technology in different countries and is designed to have a high relevance in practice and further research.

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