Language Industries Atlas Second Edition

Second Edition


Kingscott, G.,
Edwards, J.

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The Language Industries Atlas is a directory following feedback from an extensive market research among users. The information has been alphabetised and cross referenced to conferences, publications, affiliations etc., in order to provide a full picture of the language industries domain. The book includes materials taken from a broad spectrum of the language industry ranging from the preservation and advancement of minority languages to the use of languages on the international stage. The compiling organisation, Praetorius Limited, has endeavoured to include both public and private organisations involved in all facets of the language industry in this second edition. The continual updating of this database ensures that all organisation details are correct at the time of going to press. It is therefore an invaluable tool for individuals or institutions requiring a guide to developments in the language industries. Readers: language professionals, computational linguists, speech engineers, translators, linguists and language students.