Language Industries Atlas


Hearn, P.,
Button, D.

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The term ``Language Industries'' describes the activities of the many organizations, both public and private, that create the infrastructure within which languages are able to develop and interact. More than 1000 listings of activities and descriptions of organisations have been compiled from questionnaires commissioned by the Commision of the European Communities to form this comprehensive survey of the Language Industry in Europe today. Specific fields of interest include:
- Language organisations in translation and documentation (172 listings)
- Language teaching and learning (88 organizations)
- Research institutes and programmes (103 listings)
- Conferences and publications (300+ listings)
Readers: language professionals, computational linguists, speech engineers, translators, linguists and language students.

Abstracted by Computational Linguistics, volume 22, no. 2, p. 282
``...le premier atlas des industries de la langue decrit les activites des multiples organismes qui sont `{a} l'origine de l'infrastructure aut sein de laquelle les langues peuvent evoluer et agir de fac{c} on interactive. Cet atlas, fort interessant pour les professionels du langage, se consulte aisement.'
Terminometro, no. 17, April 1995, p. 31

``The achievement and the utility of bringing so many addresses between the cover of one book can be saluted. ...a useful source of addresses for those who have dealings with the language world, and it brings together information about a large number of organisations.' - G. Kingscott
Language International, volume 6, no. 3 (1994), p. 39