Land Subsidence: Multi-disciplinary Assessment of Subsidence Phenomena in the Ravenna Area

Special Volume, Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on Land Subsidence, Shanghai, P.R. China, October 23 - 28, 2005


Barends, F.B.J.,
Carbognin, L.,
Gambolati, G.,
Steedman, R.S.

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This special volume addresses the complex question of effects of gas withdrawal on the land subsidence and coastal morphology in the Ravenna province. A special effort was made to integrate the abundant, available information and all of the various disciplines involved. The comprehensive scientific cooperation in this study, including geological, geophysical, geodetical, geo-mechanical, fluid-dynamical and environmental issues, is an example of an approach that can assist in similar cases around the world where quantitative, reliable answers are being sought to basic questions over magnitude and extent of anthropogenic land subsidence in sensitive coastal areas. It is readily applicable in the process of decision-making through the reliable assessment of consequences of underground fluid extraction and directly useful for the planning and execution of any necessary remedial action or for increasing public confidence.