Knowledge-Based Software Engineering

Proceedings of the Tenth Joint Conference on Knowledge-Based Software Engineering


Matsuura, K.,
Virvou, M.

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As knowledge-based software engineering matures and increasingly automates the software engineering life cycle, software engineering resources are shifting towards knowledge acquisition and the automated reuse of expert knowledge for developing software artifacts. This book summarizes the work and new research results presented at the Tenth Joint Conference on Knowledge-based Software Engineering (JCKBSE 2012), held on the island of Rhodes, Greece, in August 2012.

The biennial Joint Conference on Knowledge-Based Software Engineering brings together researchers and practitioners to share ideas on the foundations, techniques, tools, and applications of knowledge-based software engineering theory and practice.Topics addressed include theoretical foundations, practical techniques, software tools, applications and/or experience reports in knowledge-based software engineering.

This book is published in the subseries Knowledge-Based Intelligent Engineering Systems (KBIES).

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