Knowledge-Based Software Engineering

Proceedings of the Sixth Joint Conference on Knowledge-Based Software Engineering


Kaijiri, K.,
Stefanuk, V.

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JCKBSE aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss the latest developments in the areas of knowledge engineering and software engineering. Particular emphasis is placed upon applying knowledge-based methods to software engineering problems. This volume is a collection of contributions of authors from eight different countries. The book covers a wide range of topics related to knowledge-based or automated software engineering. The papers address the major open research issues of the field, such as architecture of knowledge; software and information systems; requirement engineering; domain analysis and modeling; formal and semiformal specifications; knowledge engineering for domain modeling; data mining and knowledge discovery; automating software design and synthesis; object-oriented and other programming paradigms; knowledge-based methods and tools for software engineering, including testing, verification and validation; process management, maintenance and evolution, applied semiotics for knowledge-based software engineering; knowledge systems methodology; development tools and environments; practical applications and experience of software and knowledge engineering; information technology in control, design, production, logistics and management; enterprise modelling and workflow.

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