Intelligent Textiles for Personal Protection and Safety


Jayaraman, S.,
Kiekens, P.,
Grancaric, A.M.

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Terrorism has become an integral part of everyday life in recent years and has dramatically affected the quality of life for individuals in society. Technology is the key to combating terrorism and protecting ordinary citizens, first responders and soldiers, among others, from danger. The area of intelligent or smart textiles is a rather new but rapidly emerging discipline with a high potential for payoff in the fight against terrorism. Each chapter in the book provides an in-depth assessment of one particular facet of this emerging discipline – from analysis of the threats and sensing technologies to ergonomics of protecting clothing – presented by leading international experts at a NATO Advanced Research Workshop held in Zadar, Croatia. This first-of-its-kind compendium provides a solid foundation for those researchers beginning to work in this new discipline; it can also serve as a textbook for graduate students and finally, be a valuable reference for readers interested in the field.