Intelligent Environments 2024: Combined Proceedings of Workshops and Demos & Videos Session


Hornos, M.J.,
Slapničar, G.,
Yu, J.

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Intelligent Environments (IEs) enhance physical spaces, integrating technologies from areas such as information and communication, sensing and actuating, artificial intelligence, robotics, and human-computer interfaces. IEs can also be integrated with advanced computational models such as deep learning and large language models. They improve and enrich user activities, enable the effective management of environmental features, and foster awareness of the capabilities of the various technologies, enhancing healthcare and well-being and ensuring reliability and privacy. 

This book presents the combined proceedings of the Workshops and Demos & Videos Session at IE 2024, the 20th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, which took place from 17 to 20 June 2024 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The conference provides an opportunity for the multidisciplinary research community dedicated to IEs to come together and explore foundational concepts and core ideas across various contexts, and to address critical challenges. This year’s conference included the following workshops: WISHWell 2024, the 13th International Workshop on Intelligent Environments Supporting Healthcare and Well-being; WoRIE 2024, the 13th International Workshop on the Reliability of Intelligent Environments; and ALLEGET 2024, the 4th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Emerging Topics. The book includes 5 papers from WISHWell, 6 from WoRIE, and 5 from ALLEGET. These were selected for presentation and publication from the significant number of submissions received following a thorough review process. The book also includes two submissions from the demos & videos session.

Providing a wide-ranging overview of recent developments and ideas, the book will be of interest to all those working with intelligent environments.