Intelligent Autonomous Systems 7


Gini, M.,
Shen, W.-M.,
Torras, C.,
Yuasa, H.

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The goal of the 7th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS-7) is to exchange and stimulate research ideas that make future robots and systems more intelligent and autonomous. This conference emphasizes that intelligence should and could best be illustrated by systems that can directly sense and act in their own environment without demanding detailed supervision from humans. As more and more robots are entering our daily life, researchers in IAS are facing increasingly many challenges in how to construct, control, and interact with such systems. The IAS-7 conference provides an exciting environment for researchers to present and discuss their novel theoretical results, implementations, and applications. A total of 71 technical papers were submitted by authors from 15 countries, representing more than 40 universities and research institutions.

The overall outcome of the revision process is an excellent selection of papers that showcase the research of autonomous systems today.

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