Intelligent Autonomous Systems 11



Christensen, H.I.,
Groen, F.,
Petriu, E.

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This volume contains the proceedings of the eleventh International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS-11) at the University of Ottawa in Canada. As ever, the purpose of the IAS conference is to bring together leading international researchers with an interest in all aspects of the autonomy and adaptivity of artificial systems. This year the conference reflects in particular a current trend: the symbiotic interaction of humans with intelligent systems. Of the 35 papers submitted for this year’s conference, 25 have been accepted for presentation. These papers cover a wide spectrum of research in autonomous intelligent systems including interactive systems, learning, perception, localization and mapping, navigation planning and distributed systems. This proceedings includes all the accepted papers and reflects the wide variety of topics of current concern to all those involved in the use, research and development of intelligent autonomous systems.

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