Innovation and Market Globalization

The Position of SMEs


Corsi, C.,
Akhunov, A.

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The Book after a general introduction with a deep analysis of Globalization in its positive and negative aspects, analyses opportunities and threats risen by Market Globalization and Innovation in Central Asian Countries. Particularly experts from NATO and CIS Countries analyse possibilities and consequences of the globalization of innovation processes in Central Asian Countries. The Globalization of Innovation processes is analysed and discussed to stimulate the promotion of NATO-CIS cooperation projects. The Book supplies a comprehensive overview on the following subjects: Innovation policies and assessment of strategies and their impact on Market Globalization in the next future, Central - Asian political - economic environment and identification of economic strategic sectors , Identification of innovation positive impacts on economy to promote further efforts towards cooperation among Western Countries and Central Asian States and the Study and appraisal of theoretical and practical possibilities for supporting information exchange among SMEs, analyzing new telematic networks and their worldwide use.