Information Technology in Geo-Engineering

Proceedings of the 1st International Conference (ICITG) Shanghai


Zhu, H.,
Toll, D.G.,
Li, X.

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Information technology (IT) is now intrinsic to many aspects of our lives, and this is no less so for the field of geo-engineering, where it is widely used.
This volume presents the proceedings of the First International Conference on Information Technology in Geo-Engineering in Shanghai, September 2010. The conference brought together engineers, scientists, researchers and educators to review new developments and IT advances in geo-engineering and provided a forum for the discussion of future trends.

Information technology evolves constantly, and the innovative concepts, strategies and technologies which have sprung up are becoming ever more important to all aspects of geo-engineering; facilitating design processes, improving construction efficiency and lowering maintenance costs. These topics are among the many addressed here.

Of interest to all those involved in the field of geo-engineering, it is hoped that this volume will prove to be the first of a series to cover regular international conferences on this increasingly important subject.

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