Improving the Quality of Life for the European Citizen. Technology for Inclusive Design and Equality


Placencia Porrero, I.,
Ballabio, E.

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(reprinted 2010)



This book covers three main themes. The first is centred on Accessibility and Design for All, including good practice examples. The second is about users and users empowerment and involvement. The last is about Assistive Technology research and technological developments. Factors that support the uptake of AT technologies such as standards and legal and economic factors are considered as well.
This work reports on the third congress organised by TIDE (Technology Initiative for the integration of Disabled and Elderly people). TIDE not only has contributed to the social objectives of enhancing independent living and social integration through technological applications, but has also contributed to the creation of an important market in new products and services which meet the needs of older people and people with disabilities. This has been done through co-operation in R&D projects of research centres, commercial and industrial companies, rehabilitation and care professionals, public and private services providers, and last but not least users and their organisation.