IFOAM 2000

The World Grows Organic


Alföldi, T.,
Niggli, U.,
Lockeretz, W.

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The aim of this conference – as with the twelve previous IFOAM Scientific Conferences – was to give a comprehensive overview of the present situation for organic agriculture.
The structure of the book follows that of the conference. The conference programme consists of over 80 sessions divided into 10 main topics:
Soil and plants
Quality of organic food
Animals in organic farming
Farming systems
Landscape and biodiversity
Training and extension
Market development
Labelling, certification and standards
Policies for organic farming
Future of organic farming
The contributions for each session are in one subchapter, followed by the poster contributions. The index of keywords and authors should help.
We hope that this work will contribute to improving the exchange of information between theory and practice, among researchers, farmers and advisors, and among the North, South, East and West. If we achieve that, then “the world will grow organic