Human Monitoring after Environmental and Occupational Exposure to Chemical and Physical Agents


Anderson, D.,
Karakaya, A.E.,
Srám, R.J.

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This book will cover many aspects if how to determine the extent of toxic damage in man after exposure to chemical and physical agents in both somatic and germ cells. Biomarkers of exposure, effort and susceptibility will be examined and will range from cytogenetic and mutational, which might be implicated in carcinogenesis, through to immunotoxicological, neurotoxicological and those involved in general organ toxicology including reproductive outcome, both from a maternal and paternal perspective. Workplace as well as general exposure situations of the population will be considered. Methodologies from basic to molecular level techniques will be explored. The book will provide necessary reading material for those wishing to gain a "state-of-the-art" knowledge of human monitoring procedures.