Human Genome Analysis Programme


Hallen, M.,
Klepsch, A.

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Among the priority research activities implemented by the Commission of the European Communities under the Second Framework Programme (1987-1991), the first Human Genome Analysis Programme (HGAP) was launched for the years 1990-1992. The aim of this programme has been to ensure a significant European contribution to the worldwide effort to map the human genome and, in the longterm, to set a basis for support of European research activities in future wide-ranging medical applications. This first EC programme focused mainly on four areas: 1) Improvement of the human genetic map; 2) Physical mapping (including ordered clone libraries); 3) Data handling and databases; 4) Improvement of the methods and basis for the study of the human genome.
The implementation of the programme was through resource centres, transnational research projects, training and studies on the ethical, social and legal aspects of human genome research. All final reports on HGAP, which now is continued as a separate sub-area on human genome analysis under BIOMED 1, are published in this book.