Human Genome Analysis

Supported under BIOMED 1


Hallen, M.

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The rationale for co-ordinated activities related to human genome analysis is based on its potential contribution to the understanding of the processes underlying human disease, hence to improve diagnostics, treatment and eventually disease prevention. The basic idea on how best to meet this objective at a European level was through the collective improvement of research infrastructure, broader availability of resources and co-operation of leading research groups in Europe. The emphasis of the European programmes was placed on the provision of an adequate research infrastructure, including resource centres, to the improvement in the mapping facilities and information management. In this context, a paradigm of successful international collaboration was the European Human Genetic Linkage Mapping Project (EUROGEM), and the Single Chromosome Workshops (SCWs), monitored by the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO). This book contains the final reports of all 41 research projects funded under the BIOMED 1 programme during the period 1993 to 1997.