High Speed and Large Scale Scientific Computing


Grandinetti, L.,
Joubert, G.R.,
Gentzsch, W.

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During the last decade parallel technologies have completely transformed main stream computing. The majority of standard PC ́s today incorporate multi-processor chips, with up to four processors. This number will reach eight and more processors soon. The flexibility that parallel systems constructed with commodity components offer, make them easy to link through wide area networks, such as the Internet, to realize Grids or Clouds.

The immediate benefit of these networks is that they can be accessed by a wide community of users, from many different disciplines, to solve compute intensive or data intensive problems requiring high speed computing resources.

High Speed and Large Scale Scientific Computing touches upon issues related to the new area of Cloud computing, discusses developments in Grids, Applications and Information Processing, as well as e-Science.

The book includes contributions from internationally renowned experts in these advanced technologies.

The papers collected in this volume would be of interest to computer scientists, IT engineers and IT managers interested in the future development of Grids, Clouds and Large Scale Computing.