High Performance Computing: From Grids and Clouds to Exascale


Grandinetti, L.,
Joubert, G.R.,
Foster, I.,
Gentzsch, W.

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In the last decade, parallel computing technologies have transformed high-performance computing. Two trends have emerged: massively parallel computing leading to exascale on the one hand and moderately parallel applications, which have opened up high-performance computing for the masses, on the other. The availability of commodity hardware components, a wide spectrum of parallel applications in research and industry and user-friendly management and development tools have enabled access to parallel and high-performance computing for a wide spectrum of end users from research and academia to mid-market industries.

This book presents the proceedings of the biennial High Performance Computing workshop held in Cetraro, Italy, in June 2010. It is divided into four sections: state-of-the-art and future scenarios, grids and clouds, technologies and systems, and lastly, applications. The conference addressed the problems associated with the efficient and effective use of large systems. The papers included cover a wide range of topics from algorithms and architectures through grid and cloud technologies to applications and infrastructures for e-science.