Hemorheology in Practice


Riha, P.


Stoltz, J.-F.

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Hemorheology is the study how the blood, the blood cells and the vessels can function and interact as parts of the living organism. The advance in the field contributes to the fundamental understanding what change of molecular and morphological structure of blood cells due to pathological disturbances affect the matching of blood flow properties to the physiological functions. The use of the hemorheological tests in the practise of medicine accumulate new evidences about the links of pathological blood flow abnormalities to diseases, diagnostics as well as to therapy.

In the book, the hemorheology is presented as a sensitive tool for the recognition of the functional evidences and defects of blood flow as well as the proposal of clinical intervenes. In this respect, the form of treatments is introduced of which the prime objective is not only to improve the hemorheological parameters but also other variables related to functioning of the organs. Last but not least recent hemorheological experimental techniques and instruments are described which are developed and manufactures for the use both in the research laboratory and clinical practice.