Health Continuum and Data Exchange in Belgium and in the Netherlands

Proceedings of Medical Informatics Congress (MIC 2004) & 5th Belgian e-Health Conference


Roger France, F.H.,
De Clercq, E.,
Van Der Lei, J.,
De Moor, G.

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This book describes a follow up of research projects and the development of standards for “e-Health in Belgium and in the Netherlands”. This publication covers timely areas such as nursing and care process, the electronic patient record and knowledge bases, as well as ICT assessment. Both the MIC and the Belgium e-Health Conference share new trends in health informatics and present many timely ideas and practical proposals. They are directed to healthcare professionals who are leading the transformation of healthcare by using information and knowledge. A general introduction to the work of this Federal Commission in Belgium has been published in 2002, this 2002 volume, titles E-Health in Belgium and in the Netherlands appeared as volume 93 in the series Studies in Health Technology and Informatics.

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