Global Information Infrastructure (GII) Evolution

Interworking Issues


Rao, S.,
Uose, H.,

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This book provides the reader with a state-of-the-art knowledge on the evolution of communication networks towards global information infrastructure. The symposium specially addressed the issues of interworking to solve the interoperability issues in the heterogeneous networks environment. The articles cover the strategical issues concerning the evolution towards the broadband communication infrastructure with ATM based technologies and related challenge with control and management functionalities to be implemented to provide secure, cost-effective and interoperable high performance networks of the future. The topical issues are well organised to cover the full spectrum of related issues in terms of signalling and management, Multimedia service handling, Traffic management to guarantee the quality of service, interworking between narrow band and broadband networks, interworking issues related with network management, internet, mobile/satellite networks as well as the practical experiences around the world. The book is planned to provide the reader with an overview of the current status of infrastructure evolution direction so that they can plan the appropriate networks taking the futuristic scenarios into consideration.