Global Data Management


Davide, F.,
Baldoni, R.,
Cortese, G.,
Melpignano, A.

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An unforeseen growth of the volume and diversity of the data, content and knowledge is being generated all over the globe. Several factors lead to this growing complexity, among them: Size (the sheer increase in the numbers of knowledge producers and users, and in their production / use capabilities); Pervasiveness (in space and time of knowledge, knowledge producers and users); Dynamicity (new and old knowledge items will appear and disappear virtually at any moment); and Unpredictability (the future dynamics of knowledge are unknown not only at design time but also at run time). The situation is made worse by the fact that the complexity of knowledge grows exponentially
with the number of interconnected components. The traditional approach of knowledge management and engineering is top-down and centralised, and depends on fixing at design time what can be expressed and how. Global Data Management is playing a crucial role in the development of our networked distributed society. Its importance has been recognised in the IST programme since several years, in particular in its long-term research part, Future and Emerging Technologies (FET). Many of the papers included in this book refer to IST and FET projects currently running or recently completed.

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