Bouma, H.,
Graafmans, J.

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Improved healthcare and living conditions have led to an increased proportion of elderly people in the population. This, in turn, has resulted in a growth in the importance of the subject of gerontechnology – the study of technology and aging with the aim of improving the functioning of the elderly in daily life.</ br></ br> A first international congress on gerontechnology was held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in August 1991. The conference focused on the premise that a concerted effort was necessary to make technology instrumental in solving problems of the increasing proportion of elderly in the population.</ br></ br> This book presents papers from that conference, with the first part consisting of an expert review of relevant research findings on aging processes in society. The papers in the remainder of the book, which document both technological advances and practical applications in society, are grouped under the topics: mobility and transport; communication and information processing; housing; and technology for healthcare at home. Apart from individual papers, a general view of each is also presented.</ br></ br> This volume marks the beginning of efforts to bring the benefits of technology to a far greater proportion of the elderly population, and will be of interest to all those who plan and provide healthcare services for the elderly.

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