GeoInformation in Europe

Proceedings of the 27th Symposium of the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL), Bolzano, Italy, 4 -7 June 2007


Gomarasca, M.A.

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The 27th EARSeL Symposium and related workshops have been hosted by the EURAC Convention Center, Bolzano, Italy, a structure which also includes the Institute for Applied Remote Sensing of EURAC Research.

The title of the Symposium, GeoInformation in Europe reflects the broadening scope and deeper integration of diverse technologies towards the better management of European resources and rec-ognition of the need to develop new ways to foster and strengthen these developments through various European initiatives including GeoInformation, INSPIRE, Galileo, GMES, GEOSS etc. In these proceedings the papers presented at the 27th EARSeL Symposium are collected. The Bolzano Symposium traces the passage from the traditional publications of EARSeL to the e-proceedings way that will be the future, peer reviewed, for the scientific publication of works presented in EARSeL events.

The technical papers included in this volume cover the following topics: geoinformation and remote sensing, radar remote sensing, new sensors and instruments, urban remote sensing, forest and forest fire observation, image processing and classification, land use and land cover, hydrology, ice and snow, data fusion, land use planning, imaging spectroscopy, education & training, 3D analysis, world heritage and developing countries, hazards, disaster and public health. The papers are printed in black and white and are also found in full on the accompanying CD-ROM, including all full-color illustrations.