Geoinformation for European-wide Integration

Proceedings of the 22nd EARSeL Symposium on Remote Sensing, Prague, Czech Republic, June 4-6, 2002


Benes, T.

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The volume presents a comprehensive overview of the latest techniques to monitor and manage our natural environment and resources using remotely sensed data. Remotely sensed imagery enables the real-time monitoring of environmental conditions and provides invaluable information when disasters occur. Important themes addressed in this volume include environmental modeling and analysis, as well as mapping from space, which has made enormous progress with the advent of high-resolution imagery. Several papers in the session on Agriculture address the techniques developed for crop yield forecasting and monitoring, which are now very reliable. The session on Policy and Projects produced several interesting papers describing international projects that monitor global climate change and others that support EC policies in various domains. On the more technical side, papers cover the latest techniques in data fusion, monitoring of water, atmosphere, snow and ice, as well as the fast-growing study of urban dynamics.