Geographical Information

From Research to Application through Cooperation


Rumor, M.,
McMillan, R.

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Geographical Information is defined as the collection of data on real virtual objects which have a fixed place above, on, in or beneath the surface of the earth. Geographical information involves all information on buildings, roads, pipelines, cabling, etc. as well as boundaries, air corridors, topography and postcode areas, the information can be administrative and geometric. Changes in social and economic interests have caused the emphasis to shift over the years. Virtual objects (areas, postcode areas) in particular have attracted more interest in recent years. This is closely related to the increased desirability of analysing and presenting policy information within certain spatial limits, in which the introduction of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and systems like GIS has played a significant role. Geographical Information cannot be regarded as the informational side of one policy area. Geographical information is not only necessary for the layout and management of space, but also for such things as taxation, environmental policy, water management, maintenance and protection of pipeline systems and making maps. The volumes address the latest developments with respect to technological innovation, scientific progress and advanced professional application in the field of geographical information. In addition, articles dealing with the state of the art and coming innovations with respect to major fields of GI research and application are included. The books cover the following areas of specific interest topics with the current scope of geographical information research: geographical information technolgy; geographical information and environment; geographical information planning; geographical information in urban and regional government; geographical information inutilities, telecom and private enterprise; geographical information education and awareness; geographical information in Spain.