Frontiers in Head and Neck Trauma

Clinical & Biomechanical


Yoganandan, N.,
Pintar, F.A.,
Larson, S.J.,
Sances, Jr., A.

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This book delivers state-of-the-art developments in head and neck trauma. It starts with the description of the basic anatomy of the adult and child head and neck area, and continues with a neurologic analysis of head and neck injury. Also included are the experimental biomechanics of head and neck injury beginning with the mechanisms of skull fracture, diffuse and focal injuries including diffuse axonal injury, and tissue level cellular injury analysis which deals with macro and microscopic analysis of tissues in the spinal cord and head. Further topics included are epidemiology of head and neck injury, costs to the public at large, vehicular and sports related injuries, the design of anthropomorphic test devices, and mathematical modelling and analysis of head and neck injury. This book attracts a wide range of interest from the large population of medical and physical scientists concerned with the mechanisms, treatment, and amelioration of head and neck injury. Forensic specialists involved in product analysis will also be interested