From Mining to Mapping and Roundtrip Transformations: A Systematic Approach to Model-Based Tool Integration


Wimmer, M.

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A wide variety of tools for Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) exists. In order to fully exploit the potential of MDE, modeling tools must work in combination, i.e., a seamless exchange of models between different modeling tools is crucial for MDE. Current best practices to achieve interoperability use model transformation languages to realize necessary mappings between metamodels defining the modeling languages supported by different tools. However, the development of such mappings is still done in an ad-hoc manner which does not scale for large integration scenarios.

This book proposes a comprehensive approach for realizing model-based tool integration. In cases where metamodel descriptions are missing, a semi-automatic approach for mining metamodels and models from textual language definitions is presented. For raising the level of abstraction and for ensuring the reuse of mappings between metamodels, a framework is proposed for building, applying, and executing reusable mapping operators. This framework also allows for evolving non-roundtripping transformations with roundtrip capabilities.

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