From Grid to Healthgrid

Proceedings of Healthgrid 2005


Solomonides, T.,
McClatchey, R.,
Breton, V.,
Legré, Y.,
Nørager, S.

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This publication provides a forum for projects in the medical, biological and biomedical domains as well as for grid projects that seek to integrate these. The overall objective is to reinforce and promote the awareness of the deployment of grid technology in health. The emphasis is on results of current grid projects in health care. This will show in the outcome of field tests and will identify deployment strategies for prototype applications in health care. In addition, outstanding problem areas and technological challenges are identified and new solutions to these issues are proposed.
From Grid to Healthgrid is divided in four themes:
- Knowledge and Data Management
- Deployments of Grids in Health
- Current Projects and
- Ethical, Legal, Social and Security Issues.
The papers show that healthgrid has matured beyond its original projects and is now tackling some difficult problems that seemed intractable up till two years ago.

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