From Communication to Presence

Cognition, Emotions and Culture Towards the Ultimate Communicative Experience


Riva, G.,
Wiederhold, B.K.,
Anguera, M.T.,
Mantovani, F.

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"A richly informative guide that demonstrates that advanced technology has new useful applications in mental healthcare delivery"
- Jamie Sung, CyberPsychology and Behavior
The convergence between telecommunication, virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies resulted in a dramatic increase and modification of the opportunities to experience the physical and social world. In the latest media - high definition TV, computer games and, especially, Virtual Reality – the user is no more a passive receiver but fully experiences the media content: he is present in it. What is presence and how can we manipulate it within a communicative experience?

The book tries to outline the unitary theory of interpersonal relationship where communication and presence are simply the two faces of the same coin: intersubjective experience. In particular, the main message of the book is the following: the cooperative activities are created and governed by a reciprocal intentional game between the communicators regulated by the level of presence experienced by the interactants.

Miscommunication has a central role in these processes. This is why this book tries to provide the reader with worthwhile options for a vast array of specific communicative contexts – leisure, learning and therapy - and discusses the theories and methods needed to understand them. After completing this text, the reader should thus be better equipped to make more reasoned and more effective communication decisions.