Fighting Terrorism in the Liberal State

An Integrated Model of Research, Intelligence and International Law


Kempf, W.,
Peleg, S.

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The papers in this book illustrate the balanced dichotomy between terrorism and
counter-terrorism against the background of the liberal state. This is a unique
battlefield, where the tactical advantage is seemingly conceded to terrorists, who are
free to exploit the liberties of the open society, while the authorities are constrained by
those very rights and freedoms. They work under the constant scrutiny of the free
press, public opinion, the political opposition, human rights organizations and the
guardians of legal codes. But they have only an apparent advantage, which is forfeited the more depraved and indiscriminate terrorism becomes. Then terrorists begin to lose their popular support, and the authorities begin to win citizens’ trust in their efforts to restore tranquility. Thus, it really boils down to a question of balance: of how to establish the delicate equilibrium of combating terrorism while preserving the liberties of the open society. This book begins with this question and becomes increasingly complex as it tackles the different aspects and dimensions of this dilemma.