Feature Interactions in Telecommunications Networks IV


Dini, P.,
Boutaba, R.,
Logrippo, L.

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Feature interactions are related to the creation, maintenance, and evolution of new services (telephony, electronic commerce, multimedia, banking, etc.), and to the implementation of these services across distributed platforms. Some of the other aspects are software maintainability, software verification and validation, software documentation, and software development process.
This book covers several types of telecommunication software (processing, communication, and management), multimedia applications and other types of distributed applications. Some of the contributions in the book represent work in progress, personal experience, and potential solutions. By their very nature, feature interactions can be found in different types of systems. The spectrum of contributions demonstrates the relevance of feature interactions problems.
The book provides contributions by leading experts in these areas, covering many aspects of the specification, detection, and avoidance of feature interactions. The book presents research advances and report personal positions.