Family Care of Older People in Europe


Philp, I.

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Developing appropriate responses to an ageing population is recognised by policy makers throughout the developed world as a top priority, as is the vital contribution made by family caregivers.
However, cultural, demographic and organisational differences between countries have encouraged diverse patterns of response to this common challenge.
This book will be the first to provide a systematic cross-cultural analysis of current patterns and future trends in all major countries of the European union.
Additional interest is provided by including Poland emerging from the post communist block as the country at the fore front for joining the European Union.
The book will be required reading for all European policy makers and academies involved in studying the health and social care needs of older people and the capacity, contribution and needs of family caregivers who provide care to older people.
The book will be relevant to policy makers and researchers in other countries, mostly in North America and Australia who wish to study European approaches to supporting older people and family caregivers.
The practical focus of the book which includes the use of case scenarios means it will also appeal to health and social care practitioners involved in day to day care of older people and their family caregivers.
There will be a limited appeal to a lay readership of people involved in family caregiving who wish to obtain a wider perspective. However the book will not be a guide to individual family caregiving.

The book will be useful to those embarking on research in this area or entering the policy making field, but will take the reader to a high level of understanding and will be useful reading even for the most experienced policy maker and researcher as it will provide new and unique insights resulting from its cross cultural approach.