European Neurological Network



Paiva, T.,
Penzel, T.

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Neurological disorders are high global burden disorders due to their chronic evolution, associated incapacity and high demanding resources. Some of them have a high prevalence in the general population and deleterious impact in the citizens quality of life. The urgent need to improve efficiency of resources via adequate use of telematic technologies is the focus of ENN project.
In fact, the European Neurological Network (ENN) is a multimedia telematic network encompassing units located in different countries and giving support to experts and General Practitioners (GPs) in the medical areas of sleep, headache and epilepsy.
This is accomplished through a set of diverse and coherent end products, namely: tutorials for education of GPs on the indicated health problems; expert systems on sleep and headaches, to bring immediate help for general practice of GPs and experts; signal processing and remote monitoring systems for home monitoring of sleep disturbances. These tools are supported on a European multimedia database/sleep atlas and on communication network facilities including teleconsultation. The synthesis of these end products allowed unification links between data, information, knowledge and users which are expressed in the routine usage of ENN tools.
The obtained experience, with its achievements, solutions, results, costs, drawbacks and difficulties is the focus of this book.

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