Updates on Bioactive Behaviour of Berry Fruits


Battino, M.

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The Working Group 4 (“Bioactive compounds of berry fruits affecting human health”) is especially focused on the possible health benefits deriving from berry consumption: the levels and benefits of antioxidants and other bioactive compounds found in these berries should be understood. Accurate and substantiated information must be provided to consumers so that the health benefits are well understood thus allowing informed choices.

EUROBERRY Update on Bioactive Behaviour of Berry Fruits addresses the bactericidal activity of some berry extracts, the interesting high folate concentrations of several strawberries varieties and the metabolism of carotenoids during ripening of some berry fruit. A better understanding of berry features as well as the effects of many of berry bioactive compounds operating in cells, may certainly increase the possibility of further developments in the knowledge of berry efficacy either as tasteful food or as natural products delivering bioactive phytochemicals and/or phytonutrients. This book, which provides a deeper insight into the multifaceted world of berry research, will interest a large number of readers working in different biochemical and medical fields.