EUCAMBIS: Immunology and Ageing in Europe


Pawelec, G.

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EUCAMBIS was established under BIOMED I in 1994 as an interdisciplinary consortium aiming to advance our understanding of the molecular and cellular bases of ageing of immunosenescence. The project sought to draw together scientists and clinicians from diverse fields including immunology, molecular biology, cell and tumour biology, geriatrics, endocrinology and transplantation biology in order to investigate the impact of ageing on immune responses. The papers collected in this volume illustrate the diversity of the work carried out by the members of EUCAMBIS during its three-and-a-half year existence. This introductory chapter attempts to summarize the results of some of the EUCAMBIS collaborations, with emphasis on the ""workshop"" approach which was aimed at analysing the expression of ""growth arrest"" genes in ageing human T lymphocytes.