Ethical Implications of the Global Use of Digitised Biomedical and Biometric Data

Workshop Proceedings


Schug, S.H.,
Menevidis, Z.

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Given the rapid and ongoing advances in biomedicine and biometric identification as well as in information technologies, personal medical and biometric data are used more than ever for a wide variety of purposes and increasingly also across organisational and state boundaries. Thus the crucial isssue of protecting personal data becomes more complex. Consequently, the ETHICAL project has launched a vivid international expert dialogue on key issues of ethical data handling in medical and biometric applications.

This book conveys the proceedings of the workshop „Ethical implications of the global use of digitised biomedical and biometric data“ held in October 2010 in Warsaw, Poland. In addition, a “Code of Conduct for FP7 Researchers on medical and biometric data privacy“ that builds on the workshop outcomes has been included into this publication.