Enzymatic Mechanisms


Frey, P.A.,
Northrop, D.B.

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Nineteen ninety-eight marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the publication of Professor W. Wallace Cleland's landmark papers on the steady-state kinetics of multisubstrate enzymes in Biochim. Biophys. Acta 67, 104, 173, & 188 (1963). Since then, methods such as spectroscopy, x-ray crystallography, chemical synthesis and analysis, and site directed mutagenesis have been introduced, and all play essential roles in enhancing and refining modern pictures of how enzymes work in structural terms. However, the inspiration for all mechanistic studies of enzymes is their kinetic behavior, and the relevance and significance of structural information is determined by its compatibility with underlying kinetic facts. In recognition of Professor Cleland's important papers, Enzymatic Mechanisms was chosen as the topic for the 1998 Steenbock Symposium. The papers presented at this symposium are published in this volume. The global approach to mechanistic analysis is emphasized, while highlighting the kinetic basis for enzymatic research. Internationally known figures in the field of enzyme mechanisms have contributed papers.