Environment and Energy Policies on Automobiles in Japan




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Automobiles are a source of energy problems by causing mass consumption of fossil fuel. They also contribute to environmental problems such as atmospheric pollution and global warming. In recent years, disposal of the enormous amount of ELVs has become a major concern as well.
Notwithstanding such problems, the importance of automobiles in social and economic activities is continuing to grow. Manufacturing and use of motor vehicles cannot be terminated altogether. For this reason, it has become important to plan various policies to continue producing and using automobiles while resolving car-related environmental and energy problems.
This book offers a clearly defined outline of such policies in Japan. Attention has been paid to prevent it from becoming a mere listing of policies but to show the background behind such policies, the underlying principles, and examples of practical action taken in implementing policy. It may serve as a reference for all persons involved in motor vehicle industries and motor vehicle administration in Japan as well as in other countries.