Electronic Publishing '01

2001 in the Digital Publishing Odyssey


Hübler, A.,
Smith, J.T.,
Linde, P.

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This book gives a good overview about the today's situation in electronic publishing and its interference between new digital technologies and the publishing and librarian applications.

In this book, over 30 papers regarding the latest state of the art in research and application of electronic publishing could be find. The papers were presented at the 5th Conference on Electronic Publishing 2001 in Canterbury, UK. This Conference meanwhile is well recognised as an important place where scientists and developers from the technical side meet publisher, librarians and production people discussing all aspects of digital publishing. The Editors and Programme board has selected papers from authors of 15 countries and with a wide range of focus. They covers new models and expirencies in infrastructure of publishing processes, of content management and integrated multimedia networking, XML-technologies, navigation and user interaction with digital library systems. Also cultural aspects and questions of the "new reader" are discussed in the papers.